Welcome to Foodies & Eateries!

I would like to think I am the next Julia Child or Ina Garten. Well, except for the fact I have never taken a cooking class, the probability of me becoming a famous chef is less than 1% and the only person who would watch me cook on television is my mother.

But, that’s not really important.

What is important is that Julia, Ina and I have one basic trait in common: a hunger for everything delicious (pun intended)!

Foodies & Eateries is a place to share my culinary adventure. From my cooking and baking disasters experiments to writing restaurants reviews to discovering new ingredients, I have come to realize my obsession with food is slightly above average.

While some food professionals and epicureans distain the idea of calling themselves a ‘foodie’, I embrace it. Food is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and I feel the word foodie emulates that idea perfectly and describing someone who has an interest in food as a gourmet or an epicurean seems pretentious.

I am a 21 year-old, self-declared foodie and I want to donate my taste buds to find all that is mouth-watering.


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