Foodie Culture

Isn’t everyone a foodie?

Well, it use to be that only an older, cultured and refined crowd, enjoyed the finer foods in life; appreciated a fine cut filet mignon or escargot with a glass of pinot noir. But, now a younger culture is arriving in the foodie scene.

The younger generation of foodies is making food much more approachable. They appreciate fine dining but also welcome a perfectly grilled hot dog with a toasted bun from a street vendor.

According to former New York Magazine’s Michael Idov, an interest in food use to be something for old people or snobs like going to the opera or a museum.  While the younger generation shoveled anything from Raman noodles to Cheetos in their mouth for dinner on any given day.

But, in today’s society, that nurtures children into adults before they turn 13, it is no wonder that the 20 somethings of the world are craving a more refined palate at an earlier age than their elders.

As I scroll through my Instagram roll, I find this to be truer than ever.

I am drooling over every few photos my friends have posted

First a charcuterie and cheese plate from a swanky N.Y.C restaurant:

Charcuterie and cheese plate

Next a fruity cocktail creation from a bar downtown:

Fruity cocktail

Then a perfectly plated dish of fish tacos drizzled with garlic aioli and a side of guacamole:

Fish Tacos

….the list goes on as my stomach starts to growl.

In the grand scheme of things, everyone is a foodie. While, some are more adventurous than others, everyone loves food and isn’t that what being a foodie is really all about?


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