Stoneacre Pantry

Honestly, if I could eat every meal here for the rest of my life…I would. No joke. Stoneacre Pantry may be the new kid in town, having just opened in August 2013, but they definitely know what they are doing.

Stoneacre Pantry Bar and Open Kitchen

The three owners, Christopher Bender, David Crowell and David Sturgeon met while working in the NYC food scene and become great friends. After years of working for several restaurants, they decided to join forces and create the happiest place on earth—no, not DisneylandStoneacre Pantry!

Christopher Bender, David Crowell and David Sturgeon, Stoneacre Pantry owners

David Sturgeon is a mastermind in the kitchen using classic and creative culinary techniques to create every plate. The menu changes often as they only use fresh and local ingredients to create the delectable dishes. The owners have a deep belief in the local food movement and believe in quality sourcing and sustainability, paired with respecting the environment and the hard working people in the food industry that make a ‘farm to table’ restaurant like this possible.

Now, the food: a perfectly fried egg with house-made tangy mustard, crisp bacon and arugula, placed between the soft baked goodness of a homemade English muffin makes getting out of bed in the morning a little easier.

Fried Egg Sandwich

There are the unique flavors of the roasted beet quinoa salad topped with shaved brussel sprouts and squash, yum!  Then the perfectly sautéed scallops with a smooth butternut squash puree that will leave you drooling for more (even after you lick your plate clean).

Roasted Beet Quinoa Salad

And don’t even get me started on dessert! The rich hazelnut-chocolate mousse with  luscious salted caramel  hiding on the bottom mixed with crunchy cocoa streusel topped with sweet fresh crème fraiche is basically heaven in a cup.

hazelnut-chocolate mousse

While the food is mouthwatering, the drink menu follows in it scrumptious footsteps. A long list of hand picked curated wines, finely aged scotches, distinctive craft beers and fancy cocktails, they have anything your heart desires. When it is my turn to order a drink I always struggle (have I mention I’m a tad indecisive?) choosing between:

Grapefruit Martini and Pimm's Cup

The Grapefruit Martini, 1 part freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and 1 part grapefruit vodka, shaken (not stirred) placed in a chilled glass, rim coated with a mixture of salt and sugar
The Pimm’s Cup, house-made Pimm’s, a brandy-gin mixture infused with spice and citrus fruits, with muddled limes and a crisp spring of mint poured over ice into a tall glass.

While, the food and drinks are obviously the main focus, the entire experience is what really makes Stoneacre Pantry beyond amazing. David Crowell and Christopher Bender have created the perfect atmosphere and setting to compliment the brilliant menu.

You enter the tiny restaurant and feel right at home, it is warm and welcoming with its rustic ambiance; water is served in mason jars and the window seating lined with cozy cushions.

Stoneacre Pantry

You are greeted like an old friend and treated like a guest not a customer. The staff has a wonderful energy that makes you feel as though you were invited and they are honored to have you. They  are determined to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible so you can enjoy every minute of your dining experience.

Dinner at Stoneacre Pantry with friends

Stoneacre Pantry was the type of restaurant Newport was missing but I didn’t realize we were missing anything until after it had opened. Its incredible cuisine, fresh approachable style, community-driven foundation and friendly, hometown atmosphere keeps me coming back for more.

I have to admit I’m usually there at least once a week, for drinks, dinner, brunch or a quick bite to eat, I just can’t stop myself! Stoneacre Pantry has become my new favorite, easily surpassing many of my tried and true Newport establishments.


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