Top 5 Cocktails in Newport

Mojitos, margaritas, or martinis! Cosmopolitans, champagne or cable cars!

Having recently turned 21 years old in July, the world of cocktails is still somewhat new to me. However, I’ve been out and about investigating all types of cocktail creations to try and find a favorite. Picking just one concoction has been tough but I’ve narrowed down my long list to what I believe to be are the 5 greatest cocktails in Newport, Rhode Island!

Champagne at a bar

Salvation Café’s Coconut Mojito
In the past few years Broadway has stepped up it’s game and become a hotspot for Newport locals. Salvation, the hipster of restaurants, is contemporary and creative. The coconut mojito, a twist on the classic cocktail, is made with coconut rum, muddled mint, lime and soda. Warning: this drink may have you dreaming of sand in your toes, sun-kissed skin and the hot summer sun. But then again, after a long week isn’t that what everyone wants?

Midtown Oyster Bar’s Heather’s Tale
The Heather’s Tale is strong and spirited just like the woman the cocktail is named for, Heather Abbott, Newport’s Boston Marathon survivor. The cocktail is made with St. Germain, vodka and a beautiful, blossoming hibiscus flower that mimics Abbott’s resilience.
Heather Abbot and the Heather's Tale Cocktail#3
Castle Hill’s 
Blood Orange Bellini
Maybe I’m a sucker for the beautiful views and enchanting sunsets that the Castle Hill Lawn gives way to but sipping on this Blood Orange Bellini makes it all the more enjoyable. The mixture of prosecco, Peachtree and blood orange puree is a magical combination that leaves me savoring each sip.

Stoneacre Pantry’s Grapefruit Martini
As if I hadn’t gushed enough about it in my last post, the Grapefruit martini had to make this list! This martini is the perfect combination of sexy and cute  sweet and tart and if you’re not careful, will be sipped away before you blink!

Grapefruit Martini

The number one cocktail goes to…drumroll, pleaseDiego’s Margarita!

Who can turn down a pitcher of margaritas with your best girl friends on a Friday or Saturday night? I know I can’t.Diego’s margarita creation is made with silver tequila, Triple Sec and a secret recipe, house-made sour shaken, served on the rocks
 with (extra!) salt & lime zest on the rim. Going for the classic margarita is always a respectable choice, but if you are feeling a little flirty go ahead and add blood orange, mango, peach, pomegranate or strawberry!

Blood Orange Margarita

If I’m looking to spice up my life, I add the blood orange, it’s not too sweet and does not overwhelm the basic traits of the perfect margarita.

If you are ever in Newport, I highly recommend trying these 5 cocktails, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Now, who’s thirsty?


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