Tallulah on Thames & Wagon Adventures

Volvo has created a new campaign, Wagon Adventures–The Wagon is Back, to promote it’s new V60 Sportswagon. Now, I’m sure you are scratching your heads, wondering why in the world I am talking about cars. Well, Volvo’s new campaign teamed up with Newport’s every own Tallulah on Thames to have their every own Wagon Adventure!


Volvo shares the adventure: “Not only is Tallulah on Thames one of Newport, Rhode Island’s best restaurants, it’s one of the best dining experiences you’ll ever have, anywhere. Chef Jake Rojas and his wife Kelly Ann are committed to sourcing seasonal market-driven ingredients from local farms and artisans. We got hungry just thinking about his menu, so we reached out to Chef Rojas to see if he had any interest in stepping out of the kitchen and into the V60 for a day. Before we knew it, he was driving around Rhode Island with his wife to some of their favorite farms, and packing the wagon with some fresh ingredients for one of his favorite dishes. Bon Appétit.”

I love that Volvo is sourcing out amazing places and people to highlight in this new campaign.


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