Castle Hill Inn Restaurant

The Castle Hill Inn is a picturesque 19th century mansion known for being a luxurious costal getaway destination with sweeping views of the Narragansett Bay and unforgettable sunset views. Even if you are not a tourist Castle Hill is a relaxing oasis for a Newport native.  No matter if you are sipping cocktails on the Adirondack chairs on the lawn or venturing down a winding path to the Castle Hill Lighthouse, Castle Hill is a beloved Newport tradition for people near and far.

Castle Hill Inn

While watching the sunset and gazing at the scenic views is worth one’s while, dining at the Castle Hill restaurant enhances the already wonderful experience.

Last week my roommate, Abigail and I were lucky enough to acquire a lunch reservation during Newport Restaurant Week. We just couldn’t pass up a Castle Hill lunch for only $16—oh, how I love Newport Restaurant Week!

Castle Hill Lighthouse

So, we made our way down Ocean Drive dressed to impress with empty stomachs. Greeted with a smile from a young man holding the door and a welcoming hostess that showed us to our window seat overlooking the water we felt right at home. The waitress welcomed us warmly and gave us the menus we didn’t really need. We had already studied the restaurant week menus diligently picking out where and what we wanted to tease our taste buds with.


Of course we started with cocktails—while we may not have actually been on vacation, we sure felt like we were! We started with a Blood Orange Bellini—a mixture of prosecco, Peachtree and blood orange puree and an Apero—made with aperol, an Italian aperitif created from bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona, grapefruit, pomegranate and soda. Both mixtures were beautifully saturated with bright springtime colors and a light, refreshing essence.

Cocktails at Castle HillWe were sipping out cocktails when our first courses arrived. The Handmade Pappardelle featured Sweet Berry Farm mushrooms, ricotta salata and a roasted garlic cream.When I took my first bite I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t transported back to Italy—handmade pasta is such a delicacy here in America that I forget that pasta doesn’t have to taste like cardboard. And boy this papparedelle was filled with flavor and cooked to the perfect tenderness.


The Steamed Pei Mussels were served in a smoked seaweed broth with red chiles and (gluten-free) bread toasted. Abigail is a glutard (gluten intolerant) and Castel Hill did a wonderful job catering to her allergy while making everything taste delicious!

First courses at Castle Hill

After we got started with superb first course, we were happy to continue on! I received the Roasted Atlantic Salmon that almost melted in my mouth with a rich farro risotto, pearl onions and creamed escarole.

Roasted Atlantic Salmon

Abigail got the Turkey Club. But, not just an ordinary turkey club—a turkey club on gluten free bread stuffed with thick slices of roasted turket, salty pancetta, herbed goat cheese, arugula and a perfect roasted garlic aioli spread. Yes, I stole a bite!

Castle Hill Lunch

Now how do you end a perfect meal?
After the first two courses I didn’t think I could eat any more. I was wrong!
The Vacherin a la Rhubarbe was refreshing and the perfect ending to a perfect meal!

Vacherin a la Rhubarbe

The fresh rhubarb sorbet with slightly bitter rhubarb jam complimented each other effortlessly along with crispy meringues and a vanilla Chantilly that reminded me of whipping fresh cream in my grandmothers kitchen.

Castle Hill Light House

The thoughts of my Castle Hill experience have me drooling over my key bored as I type. From the stunning views to the scrumptious meal to the welcoming service—I can’t wait to go back!


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