About Me

Author of Foodies and Eateries

Hello, I’m Melissa.

I’m a 21-year old living in the seafood destination of Newport, Rhode Island. like love food, and I promise, if anyone has ever told you they don’t love food–they’re lying.

My obsession with everything sweet and salty has led me on a mission to taste everything and anything, from braised pork belly to grilled cheese to coconut macaroons; I can’t keep my mouth shut.

I am here to help stop your grumbling stomachs and offer my taste buds to find the food that will satisfy any craving you could possibly have.

Think of me as your culinary concierge, guiding you from wine and cheese to burgers and beer to fancy 5-star dining to tiny food trucks and everything in between. It is all about what to eat and where to eat it.

No bite will ever go uneaten! Bon Appétit!


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